Hazel eyes are a striking combination of green, light brown and gold tones. If you’re lucky enough to have them, you can totally change the colour of your eyes with the makeup that you wear.

Bringing out the gold/brown tones.

To draw out the golden flecks in your eyes try applying contrasting shades like lavender, purple and deep violet. 

Bringing out the deeper brown tones.

If you want your eyes to appear deeper brown, focus on blue tones. Anything from sky blue to indigo.  

Bringing out the green. 

To make your eyes appear greener try varying shades of pink like soft rose, fuchsia, plum and red based bronzes like Berry Bronze

Neutrals to swear by.

To enhance hazel eyes, you can’t go wrong with soft warm browns like Hazelnut, warm golds or golden greens.

For the adventurous.  

For a bold & impactful combination, try orange and lavender. The shades work well with hazel eyes, making the greener shades in them pop.

Whatever your vibe, a little change to your makeup palette can completely transform your gaze.   

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