It’s not about smoke and mirrors. To make your eyes pop all you need is a little know-how. Freshen up your look with a few small changes to your eye makeup routine. Here's how...

Highlight what counts

Dark areas around your eyes can steal the limelight. Start by adding a little concealer in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Then add highlighter to the inner corners, middle of your eyelids and brow bones. It instantly brightens your eyes. Try High Glow in Pearl, Champagne or Bronzite. 

Light and shade

A trusty technique using both deeper shades to create depth, and lighter shades to add volume.

Try applying a richer colour like Berry Bronze to your eyes, covering your entire lid to the crease. Then use a paler shade like Rose Quartz on the centre of your lid and inner corners to create volume. Use your fingers or a soft brush to blend out the look.  

What tired eyes?

Up late binging Netflix or just too many long nights in front of your laptop causing red eyes?

Offset the redness by making the white of your eyes appear more prominent with white eyeliner on the lower waterline. It brightens the eyes instantly before you’ve even had your first coffee. 

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