The subtle colouring of your skin can actually make a big difference when choosing your makeup and clothes.

Choosing the wrong shades can wash you out or make you look yellow, grey or even green. Knowing your undertones and what colours work with your skin is key.

Here are 5 simple ways to find your undertone.

  1. The vein test

    Look at the veins on your wrists to see if they appear more purple/blue (cool) or green (warm). If you are neutral you will see blue-green veins. 

2. Your natural hair tone

If you dye your hair, this may be more difficult but your natural hair colour will tell you a lot. Look at the roots and your brows or an old picture of yourself in your pre-salon days. 

If your hair has ashy tones, is platinum blonde, or jet black you are most likely cool. 

If your hair has natural warmth or golden tones then you are more likely warm.

3. Silver or gold 

Do you look better in silver or gold jewelry? Does one make you look healthier, brighter and the other dull and washed out? If gold makes you stand out then you're warm, if silver makes you sparkle then you're cool. If you are lucky enough to be able to rock both, then you are neutral. 

4. The neutrals test 

When you grab a neutral coloured t-shirt what makes you look the freshest? Try this test without makeup and your hair tied back.

Is it white or cream; grey or caramel; or black or brown? 

If you look best in white, grey and black you are cool.

If you pop in richer colours like cream, caramel or browns then you are warm.

Again, if you look great in any shade then you are neutral. 

5. Your eye colour

Eye colour alone is a tricky one to rely on. Just because you have brown eyes doesn't mean you are warm and if you have blue eyes it does not automatically mean you are cool. You need to look a little closer. 

If you have golden, honey or even turquoise flecks in your eyes it suggests warm undertones. If you have eyes that are smoky, icy, greyish or chocolate that suggests cool. 

Here is an example of the palette of colours that you should explore if you are either cool, warm or neutral.

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