Sharing an eye colour with well over half the world’s population doesn't mean you need to blend into the crowd. Here’s how to make brown eyes pop for every occasion.


Other than neutrals, purple is the most universally flattering colour to wear - it complements any hair, eye, or skin tone, and as a contrast to brown on the colour wheel, it’s especially good at taking darker eyes to the next level.  Play with our Lavender Bright Stripe eyeliner to pick up the warmth of brown hues and brighten the whites of the eyes.

Red Undertones

Eyes on the lighter end of the spectrum? Add a shade with red undertones like our Chinotto Bright Stripe Eyeliner or Berry Bronze Velvet Eyeshadow to bring out the warm highlights of light brown or hazel eyes.

Metallic Gold  

All eyes love a bit of sparkle. Metallics like our Gold Bright Stripe Eyeliner or Cool Bronze Velvet Eyeshadow work their magic on all shades of brown eyes, highlighting even the slightest gold undertones.

Sky Blue

A simple, fun way to take your brown-eyed look to the next level:  Sky Blue Velvet Eyeshadow. Vibrant blues are a great contrast for rich, dark brown eyes, making them pop every time.


For a natural look, brown eyes are best paired with neutral bronzes or beiges, like our soft Hazelnut Velvet Eyeshadow -  a shade for any occasion to elevate a daily look.

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