If you have been blessed with rare green eyes, here are the go to eyeshadow shades to make them work their magic.

Every shade of purple

Purple is the universal shade that flatters all eye colours, but green and purple seem to work double time. It’s because they are complementary colours on the colour wheel. So experiment with lavender, violet and aubergine concentrating the colour close to the lash line for maximum impact. 

Neutral browns

A neutral shade is a must for any make up bag, and when you have green eyes opt for a shadow with warmer undertones like a taupe or hazelnut - they will be more flattering than an ash brown.

Reds, Berries and Plums 

Again, red is on the opposite side of the colour wheel and we all know opposites attract. So any shadow with a red undertone will dazzle - try shades like plum, deep burgundy, copper or our metallic Berry Bronze (the extra sparkle will bring out the golden flecks in the iris). 

Swap your black liner for a lighter shade 

Sometimes black eyeliner can be a little too harsh against light eyes, try swapping black for a warm brown or Chinotto eyeliner to define the eyes. And try smudging out your liner for a softer look that will let your eyes remain the focus. 

Golden Eyes 

Metallic gold shades bring out the yellow tones in golden-green eyes. Try our Cool Bronze Velvet eyeshadow or for a subtle sparkle our Gold Bright Stripe eyeliner smudged out over the entire lid. 

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