Our Velvet Eyeshadow is the ultimate two-in-one product. Wear it dry, and you've got a beautiful dusting of colour—classic and simple. Wear it wet, and intensify the pigmented colour to make your eyes truly pop.

Prime your eyes.
Your makeup will go on smoothly if you’ve prepared your base with either an eye primer or your favourite concealer.

Apply dry eyeshadow.
If you are layering your products, you can apply dry eyeshadow with a soft blending brush across your entire lid. For more intense colour try applying directly onto your eyelids with your fingertips. You can always blend this out with a soft blending brush.

Choose your brush.
A blending brush will provide a uniform color across the lid. For a more precise line choose a thinner eyeliner brush.

Lightly mist your brush.
You can use distilled or filtered water or makeup setting spray. Avoid using tap water, as it tends to contain bacteria. Also, do not dip the brush into the water, or get the eyeshadow itself wet. You want the brush to be damp, not soaking wet. If the brush is too wet, dab it lightly on a clean towel.

Apply wet eyeshadow.
Gently rub the wet side of your brush on the eyeshadow and apply directly onto your eyelid. You can either apply a graphic line or blend across the full lid starting at the lashline and moving to the crease. If you are applying more than one layer, let the first layer dry before applying a second layer.

Finish with your favourite mascara.

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