Find eyeliners daunting? Haven’t quite nailed drawing a precise line or that perfect wing? Try a softer smudged eye. It’s easy to master and you only need one product. Here are six steps for getting the perfect soft, smudged look.

  1. Prime your eyes

    Just like the rest of your makeup, your smudged eyeliner should start with a primer. It sets your base, makes application easier and the product will last longer. If you don’t have a primer just use a dab of your concealer or foundation.

  2. Choose your colour

    A smudged eyeliner look works with just about any colour. For a sultry look go for Black. Chinotto will add warmth to your look. Metallic pencils (like ours in Gold) will add a touch of subtle sparkle. This is also a great way to experiment with new or bright colours (like Lavender).

  3. Apply the eyeliner

    Start from the inner corner and line your eye to the outer corner (or outer V). (Tip: if you stretch your eyelid outward it will glide on with ease). Keep the line as close to your lashes as possible for a subtle hit of colour or fill your whole lid for a bolder look. If you are after a more intense look line your bottom lashes as well. And don’t worry if your line is not perfect. That’s the beauty of this technique.

  4. Smudge it out

    Use your fingertip or a pencil brush to smudge out the eyeliner and soften the edges. To intensify the colour, line your eyes again and keep smudging out the edges to achieve your desired look. You’ll have around 20 seconds to smudge it out before your liner sets.

  5. Clean up the edges

    If you’ve gone overboard with the liner, just dab a bamboo cotton tip or Forever Makeup Round with micellar water. You shouldn’t need to overcorrect, the smudged eye isn’t meant to look perfect.

  6. Add mascara

    Add a coat of your favourite mascara to finish the look.

And you are ready. Simple and impactful eyes in no time. You’re welcome.

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