If you have small eyes you may find eye makeup trends don’t always work to your advantage. Here are some tips to make your peepers stand out.

Prime and conceal

Prepping the eyes for makeup will make a big difference. A combination of primer and concealer can help lighten dark circles, even out skin discolouration and instantly brighten your eyes.  


Use a highlighter in the right places. Focus on the inner corner of your eyes, lower lashline and brow bone. It will create a brightening and widening effect. We love High Glow in Pearl.  

Avoid dark eyeshadows 

Dark eyeshadows are moody and create drama, but they also can make eyes look sunken and smaller. So opt for lighter shades of browns or our favourite Hazelnut to create depth while widening your eyes. For maximum impact use a mid to darker shade on the outer corners and a lighter shade like Rose Quartz in the centre of your lids. 

Add a wing 

An upward wing on the outer corners of your eyes will lift and elongate your eyes. Use Kohl or Chinotto to soften the look. 

Bright white

A simple trick is applying a white or nude eyeliner to the waterline. It widens and brightens the eyes instantly. We love Bright Stripe Eyeliner in White

Curl your eyelashes 

Last but not least, curl your lashes and apply your favourite mascara. It lifts and lengthens the lashes and opens the eyes.

And there you have it, bigger and brighter eyes. 

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