We are all guilty of it. Using the same eyeshadow shades over and over and ignoring the colours that don’t fit into our regular makeup routine. Here is how to make sure those overlooked colours in your favourite palette aren’t going to waste.


It is often an intimidating colour to wear - but blue is back in vogue you’ve got no excuse. Blue eyeshadow works with blue, brown or green eyes.  Try applying over your entire upper lid for a bold look or just the inner corners for a hint of colour fading out to a neutral shade like brown or hazelnut for a subtle but modern look. 


Green eyeshadow may give you flashbacks to the 80s but the look can be tastefully updated. A wash of green across the lids or even the outer corner in a deep emerald makes green, brown and hazel eyes pop. 

White & Pearl 

White and pearl are great multitaskers. Use white as a primer under your coloured eyeshadows to make the colours more intense. Or use white or pearl with other shades to create muted, pastel colours. Or simply use your lightest shades in the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone to brighten your eyes. 


Often hard to wear alone, but adding black to the outer corners of the eyes helps elongate your eyes and create drama. You can use a fine angled brush to draw a wing and smudge it out for a smoky look. You can also layer black with your usual neutral shades for a more defined look.   

Hot Pink

It’s a favourite of ours. Picture Nicola Coughlan at the Golden Globes 2021 with her neon pink eyes. It could not be more modern. Don’t shy away from pink eyeshadow, just remember to keep everything else muted when you do. 

Still not sure?

Why not ease into it by just applying a colourful eyeshadow to only your lower eyelids. It will be subtle but give you a chance to experiment with all the shades that you have been neglecting. 

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