The cosmetics industry is one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste.

2017 data suggests that the industry produces at least 120 billion pieces of plastic packaging a year, so the real number is already much, much worse. Most of those pumps, custom bottles, lids and palettes aren’t or can’t be recycled.

We know that plastic waste is choking the planet. 

To put into context, eight million tonnes of plastic pollution ends up in the ocean each year, breaking down into tiny bits to become microplastics. These microplastics are in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Microplastics in our oceans now outnumber stars in our galaxy 500:1. (Source: WWF-NewZealand). 

Studies suggest if we don’t change the way we use plastic, this could increase threefold by 2040. That’s an accumulation of 600 million metric tons in our oceans. (Source: National Geographic)

So what’s a makeup lover to do? 

  1. The most sustainable thing you can do is use what you’ve got first. Or trade with friends to make sure nothing goes to waste. 

  2. Once you’re done, recycle your plastics properly through TerraCycle or one of the many brand funded programs now available. 

  3. Get serious about refills for staples. 

  4. Avoid buying new plastic wherever you can. Every single piece counts. Our small choices will make a big difference. 

At Flavedo & Albedo, we have eliminated all plastics from our packaging and our entire supply chain. Everything is packaged in either glass, aluminium, sustainable timber and FSC certified paper stock. All recycled and recyclable.

Love makeup & hate plastic?

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