Lavender is underrated. It flatters every eye colour and skin tone. And white instantly brightens and whitens the eyes (if you need more convincing check out our 'Bigger and brighter eyes' link below). Barcelona based makeup artist Andrea Trenado, shows us how to combine the two for a fun summer look, using our Bright Stripe Eyeliners as shadows.

- Prep your base 

Use an eye primer or a little concealer over your eyelids to ensure your eyeliner glides on and stays put. If you skip this step the natural oils in your eyes will see your makeup start to crease or fade over the course of the day.  

- Apply your liner  

Apply a purple eyeliner across your lids avoiding the inner corners. We love Bright Stripe Eyeliner in Lavender, the pencil is super soft so you can be generous. Roughly colour in the area you’re looking to fill and then gently smudge it with your fingertip.

Then take your white eyeliner and starting at your inner corner, apply a third of the way across your lid. Again use your finger to smudge the colours so they blend together. 

- Add a flush of colour on the lips and cheeks

Complete the look with a flush of soft colour to your lips and cheeks. We love Dew Tint in Rose. it’s hydrating and dewy, and won’t compete with your colourful peepers.

Check out our Bigger and brighter eyes post here.

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